• Milou Segers

Why do you do it?

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I believe that we all have a magical superpower that is so big and magnificent that words can’t describe it. It’s our inner wisdom. The source of our inspiration. Our inner guide that connects us to everyone and everything. 

I also believe that our superpowers can sometimes be protected by survival mechanisms and patterns that help you get to where you are now. Life isn’t about meditating a cave. It’s about bringing forth the light that is within you and giving other people permission to do the same. And sometimes that light is buried or hidden - for others and maybe even for you.

For a long time it felt like I was living in separate worlds. The world of knowledge, science, thinking, and achieving goals. And the world of wisdom, energy, intuition, spirituality and being. And somewhere along the way I met people who were able to connect both worlds. Who were able to feel deep inside their souls and still get practical things done. When I asked them how they learned that, most answers were something like this: “taught by life, a lot of therapy, feeling lost and finding new ways, learning to accept myself, gaining trust to surrender to my life, and just keep on going”. 

I also met a lot of people who were not able to connect those worlds. As I continued to look I was surprised how fixated these separate worlds were. Yes at yoga class we talked about thoughts and ego, but mostly in the way you needed to get rid of them. Yes at therapy we talked about mindfulness, but only as a way to relieve stress and accept the problems you have. Where was that bridge that connects science with soul? Experience with knowledge? Psychology with yoga? 

In my journey of connecting these worlds I came across some briljant people who were able to lay the foundation of these inner connecting worlds. My goal is not only to share that knowledge with you, but to make it applicable to your everyday life. So you become better at being you. 

So why did I start Leer&Leven?

  • To create a safe place for struggle and healing 

  • To help you grow into yourself 

  • To shine a light on paths that may be new for you. 

  • To connect the world of knowledge with the world of inner wisdom

  • To connect mind and soul THROUGH the body

  • To create a community in which we can all become who we truly are. Especially for the moments you need a little guidance and support to find your way home (again). So ultimately you bring forth what is inside you.

P.S. if you made it through to the end of my story; you are the kind of person I would like to connect with. Sometimes - actually almost always - the most important parts of life cannot be captured in life hacks, quick fixes or one-minute reads. If this post triggers something in you, let’s connect. You can find me on Instagram

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